BESSARDs´Studio is an award winning architecture and research practice based In Copenhagen and lead by Lotte and Charles Bessard.

"We design spaces, places and atmospheres and that are more than new. With “More than new” we mean that our projects seek to weave as many relationships as possible  between what is there and what is to become and tell a story that extend beyond the building itself. Whether we design a house, a boat, or a public place we think it as crafting a unique personality and a soul for each project, just like a script-writer would imagine and describe a character for a film or a fiction. It can be playful or strict, provoking or friendly, discrete or assertive, familiar or intriguing… or even sometimes both. However it is always nuanced to open multiple interpretations and appropriation. We shape the form, pick the materials, craft the details and choose techniques to create a sense of timelessness, neither conventional nor fashionable, something that feels more than new."

The projects of BESSARDs’ Studio have grown over the years into a holistic approach to design and realization integrating everything from design concepts and strategical research, to the materialization and the supervision of the production processes, from cost estimates and technical details to communication and publications. The need to re-integrate all the stages of the design process into our projects was fueled by a strong desire to always extend the field of possibilities and challenge the limitations imposed by the over standardization of the built environment. Our design philosophy, our working method and our care for details has leaded us to turn our hands on a diversity of projects where creativity, quality, care and sensitivity were strongly required. These include private homes, public spaces, renovation of historical building, yacht design, exhibition and publications.

BESSARDs´Studio was funded by Charles Bessard in 2005 under the name Powerhouse Company ApS. The brand Powerhouse Company was created by Charles bessard and Nanne de Ru as a collaboration between two offices located in Copenhagen and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). In 2016, after ten years of collaboration, the Danish and the Dutch office decided to split and pursue their own goals.

Powerhouse Company ApS was then renamed BESSARDs´Studio.

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